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Cultivating culture,

communitY, & context

As a trained clinical-community psychologist, I am dedicated to: reducing the impact of general and race-based stress and trauma, cultivating culturally relevant practices, and promoting the mental health and well-being of Black and racially diverse youth, families, and communities.
Through my research, practice, and service, I am committed to helping youth and those in their surrounding environments: communicate about culture and racism, consider the impact of context, and cultivate community and resilience.

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I study and teach about how families and schools help youth learn about race, manage racism, and build psychological health.


I examine processes in youth’s family, school, and community contexts that can reduce the consequences of racial and contextual stress and trauma, promote resilience, build cultural pride among Black and racially diverse youth.

I translate research to inform the development and adaptation of tools, and interventions aimed to promote racial healing, resilience, and mental health.


I am a co-developer of the group intervention, Trauma and Racism Addressed by Navigating Systemic Forms of Oppression with Resilience Methods (TRANSFORM). I also develop resources, like communicatingracefully, aimed to make research more digestible and accessible.

I partner with communities and schools to address general and race-specific stress and trauma and foster cultural appreciation.


My collaboration and advocacy often includes: consultation, research, resource development, and training all to foster healthy racial climates, navigate racial stress and trauma, and build youth’s mental health and resilience.

I provide therapy to youth with a specialization in addressing trauma, racial stress, and identity concerns among adolescents.

I have delivered, consulted, and coached others in trauma-informed evidenced-based interventions across settings (e.g., schools, community mental health), with a focus on providing culturally relevant treatment among vulnerable youth and families that are racially, ethnically, and culturally diverse.




Community Partner


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