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Clinical specialization and




Providing therapy to youth and families with specialization in trauma, racial stress, and identity.


Delivering person centered and culturally relevant treatment.


Implementing school and community-based consultation and training


Increasing mental health awareness and decreasing stigma through creating resources and speaking on the topic.

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Dr. Saleem has experience providing therapy to children, youth, and families presenting with a variety of concerns. Her clinical specializations are in treating trauma, addressing racial stress and trauma, and working with adolescents struggling with a range of identity concerns (e.g., racial, gender). She integrates person-centered approaches and utilizes multicultural, systems, and cognitive behavioral frameworks in understanding and treating clients. Beyond delivering treatment, Dr. Saleem has consulted and coached others in trauma-informed evidenced-based interventions across settings (e.g., schools, community mental health), with a focus on culturally relevant treatment among vulnerable and diverse youth (across multiple aspects of diversity). Dr. Saleem is not currently taking therapy clients.

Dr. Saleem is a co-developer of Trauma and Racism Addressed by Navigating Systemic Forms of Oppression with Resilience Methods (TRANSFORM). TRANSFORM is a group intervention for 6th - 12th grade youth within child serving settings. TRANSFORM applies a holistic and culturally responsive approach to addressing consequences and stress that result from traumatic experiences, including racism. TRANSFORM is primarily informed  by the psychological framework of radical healing. TRANSFORM teaches youth of color skills on how to resist and thrive in the face of experiences with trauma, racism, and the intersection of the two, as well as promote racial-ethnic pride, racial literacy, and healing (Johnson, Saleem, Pickens, Langley).

Dr. Saleem's previous clinical training sites include, but are not limited to:

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